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Hope – or La Villita Park, South Lawndale, Chicago. Photo by author.

A Field Guide to Hope

Editor’s note: This is the sixth and final post in a mini-series on hope and environmental history. To read the series’s other posts, click here. If Martin Luther King were […]

Photo Credit: Emma Gilchrist, DeSmog Canada

“To C or not to C”: Dam Development in Northern British Columbia

Editor’s Note: This post is the second in a series titled “Dam Nation: Hydroelectric Developments in Canada.”   The pun is terrible, but Hamlet’s soliloquy about choices and consequences is an apt place […]

Isbjorn says six more weeks of winter. Photo: T. Loo

Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland

by Tina Loo Apart from an epic visit to the ABBA Museum, one of the memories I have of the recent Northern Nations, Northern Natures workshop in Stockholm comes from […]

Photo: Tina Loo

Wikipedia in the Classroom

Last term I outsourced my teaching. A bunch of people I’ve never met and whose identities and whereabouts I don’t know taught my students. They did it more effectively than […]

Hope in the Barrenlands: Sustainability’s Canadian History

Writing in 1970, Liverpool-born Jim Lotz, who worked for the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources during its early days, reflected on what he had learned – not just […]