NiCHE New Scholars Reading Club

Image credit: Justin Fisher

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The New Scholars Reading Club meets periodically to discuss new scholarship in environmental history. The club was started by Justin Fisher and Blake Butler in June 2020 to help connect graduate students and recent graduates during the COVID-19 pandemic. On this page, you will find information on past Reading Club meetings and updates on future events. If you have any questions or are interested in joining the mailing list, please contact Blake Butler.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for more updates!

Past Events

December 3 2021: Brittany Luby, Dammed: The Politics of Loss and Survival in Anishinaabe Territory (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2020)

October 22 2021: Alan MacEachern, The Miramichi Fire: A History (Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020)

February 25 2021: Dan Macfarlane, Fixing Niagara Falls: Environment, Energy, and Engineers at the World’s Most Famous Waterfall (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2020)

December 2 2020: Bathsheba Demuth, Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2019)

August 12 2020: Thomas Wickman, “‘Winters Embittered with Hardships:” Severe Cold, Wabanaki Power, and English Adjustments, 1690-1710″ William & Mary Quarterly Vol. 72 No. 1 (2015) 57-98; Tina Adcock, A Cold Kingdom; Blair Stein, Summer Days in Winter Months: “Snowbirding” as Time Travel; Josh MacFadyen, Cold Comfort: Firewood, Ice storms, and Hypothermia in Canada;  Josh MacFadyen, Cold Cases: Hypothermia, Before, and After, Stonechild

July 15 2020: Kathryn Yusoff, A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2019); Sophie Sapp Moore, Monique Allewaert, Pablo F. Gomez, and Gregg Mitman, “Plantation Legacies,” Edge Effects January 22 2019

June 17 2020: Graeme Wynn, “Framing an Ecology of Hope” Environmental History Vol. 25 No. 1 (2020) 2-34; Christof Mauch, “Slow Hope: Rethinking Ecologies of Crisis and Fear” RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society No 1. (2019); Hope and Environmental History Series NICHE