Place and Placelessness: A Virtual Environmental History Workshop for Graduate Students

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We invite submissions of draft papers and unfinished work from graduate students in any related discipline on topics that address, complicate, or illustrate the local, regional, and transnational ecologies that bind us together.

This is an un-workshop focused on unfinished work: participants will meet via Skype in small panel sessions to collaboratively and constructively discuss these work-in-progress. To help facilitate clear and problem-free participation, all invited participants will receive a FREE Skype headset. The workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Participants are also invited to collaborate in creating an online field trip that will explore the commodity chains that bind us in relations of production, consumption, and destruction. Meet and network with your peers – explore new ideas – and have fun in this online workshop that explores new trends in environmental history and digital humanities.

To register go to Presenters are asked to submit a 300-word abstract outlining their work-in-progress by July 16, 2010. The full schedule will be announced August 31, 2010. The workshop will be held October 1-2, 2010.

We invite graduate students to participate in the workshop as discussants and as presenters:

  • Discussants bring their ideas and energy to the panel discussions, and their creativity to the field trip.
  • Presenters submit an unfinished paper or draft of an article or thesis chapter.

Help us develop this new model of academic gathering — save your scarce graduate funds and reduce your conference carbon-footprint!

Follow us on Twitter at @Place_Placeless and join our Facebook group “Place and Placelessness.” Email us at

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