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Deadline: Dec 31 2013
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Primary Contact Name: Hrvoje Petrić
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The scholarly journal Ekonomska i ekohistorija (Economics and eco-history) invites submissions for a special issue on history and sustainability to be published in early 2015. The editors of this special issue, Hrvoje Petrić and Paul Hirt, invite submissions dealing with any area of the world and any chronological period. We welcome essays based on original research as well as literature reviews, critical/theoretical analyses, and pedagogical essays about environmental history and sustainability. Deadline for submission for this special issue is December 31, 2013. All essays will be peer-reviewed.

Contributions for this special issue on history and sustainability must be in English and submitted in Microsoft Word format. Preferred font is Times New Roman 12 point font with 1,5 paragraph spacing; notes should be font size 10, with single spacing. Articles and papers for the special issue can be e-mailed to the editors listed below, with the subject line indicating: Ekonomska i ekohistorija submission.

Editor Hrvoje Petrić,

Guest co-editor Paul Hirt

The articles should not exceed the size limit of 60.000 characters (32 pages); authors get a free copy of the magazine.

Ekonomska i ekohistorija is published by the Society for Economic and Environmental History in Croatia and primarily publishes peer-reviewed scientific articles. See

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