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Comprehensive Sustainable Development in Arctic Societies: Post-graduate summer school within the social and human sciences

Jointly organised by UArctic, CIRCLA/Aalborg University, Ilisimatusarfik

ARTEK, Sisimiut
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Sunday 15. December at 23:00

UArctic-CIRCLA-Ilisimatusarfik Post-Graduate Summer School on ‘Comprehensive Sustainable Development in Arctic Societies’.

Climate change, melting ice, access to resources and shipping routes and national competition for influence in the region bring a number of challenges and opportunities. It is becoming clear that maintaining status quo in Arctic societies is rarely a viable, even if desired option. Development to make the best of the changes, however, is.

Change-induced processes hold the potential for comprehensive sustainable development in the Arctic – in areas defined as political, social, economic as well as cultural. Modernization and reinvention of existing industries and systems of administration and communication, and the development of new industries provide a chance to break with decades of economic dependency and, consequently, a renaissance of cultural output and pride in local abilities and traditions. As Arctic peoples seek to seize the opportunities that arise as a consequence of change, learning, knowledge creation and competence-building will be of utmost importance to the sustainable development of these societies.

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