Book Launch: Negotiating a River

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There will be a book launch for Daniel Macfarlane’s Negotiating a River: Canada, the US, and the Creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway at:

Queen’s University
20 March at 2:30
Watson 207

Macfarlane, Negotiating a river (UBC Press, 2014)
Macfarlane, Negotiating a river (UBC Press, 2014)
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Daniel is an Associate Professor in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at Western Michigan University. He is an editor for The Otter-La loutre and is part of the NiCHE executive. A transnational environmental historian who focuses on Canadian-American border waters and energy issues, particularly in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence basin, Daniel is the author or co-editor of four books on the St. Lawrence Seaway, border waters, IJC, and Niagara Falls. His new book on the environmental and energy history of Canada-U.S. relations will be published in summer 2023 and he is wrapping up another book on the transnational environmental history of Lake Ontario (which will be published in 2024). He is starting a new research project on the history of Canada's international climate change policies. Website: Twitter: @Danny__Mac__
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