Banff Field Trip – October 2009

Photo: Ingenious Mr Toad

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banff41Rather than hand out candy to ghouls and goblins, Liza Piper, Zac Robinson and a group of graduate and undergraduate students from across the country spent last Halloween weekend exploring Banff National Park. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for those studying western Canadian environments, Banff, the Rocky Mountains, or parks more generally, to visit and learn more about the local and regional environment. While on the trip, four students brought along their travel-ledgers and recorded their tales.

Reflections & Recordings

Organized by:

  • Liza Piper, University of Alberta
  • Zac Robinson

Generous Support Provided by:

  • the Network in Canadian History & Environment
  • the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation
  • The Department of History & Classics, University of Alberta
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