CFP: 2017 Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting

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The CHA looks forward to hold its Annual Meeting in Toronto. The first time it will be held in that city since 2006.

The CHA Annual Meeting will take place May 29, 30 and 31 at Ryerson University.


From Far and Wide: The Next 150 

The 150th anniversary of Confederation provides an opportunity to revisit the nation-building negotiations and agreements that shaped the Dominion of Canada, but more fundamentally it should cause us to reflect upon and reconsider the collective and the individual Canadian experience across time and place. “From Far and Wide: The Next 150” – the theme for Congress 2017 – not only recognizes the sesquicentennial moment, the theme’s first part issues a call to consider the diversity of experience, both nationally and internationally, while its second challenges us to consider where Canada and Canadian society is headed in the future. With this in mind, “From Far and Wide: The Next 150” can be adapted to historical purposes, encouraging us to explore the following broad issues:

From Far and Wide: National anniversaries often focus on a shared national experience, but what of the diverse Canadian experiences across the vast geographic expanse of Canada before, during, and after Confederation? What of the indigenous experiences, and how might we better recognize and include them in our understanding of Canadian society? What of experiences shaped by gender and sexual identity? How have they furthered and broadened our understanding of what it means to be Canadian? What of the immigrant experiences? How have those “from far and wide” challenged and augmented Canadian society and national identity? What is the place of counter-narratives within the national experience, such as those raised by protests, separation movements, or the recent Truth and Reconciliation Commission? What of the international sphere? How has Canada, and how have Canadians, exerted influence in “far and wide” locations across the globe? How have issues surrounding national naissance and development – belonging, citizenship, identity – been framed and contested beyond our borders?

The Next 150: What new insights can historians bring to the vision upon which the Dominion of Canada was founded? What new assessments can we provide about Canada’s territorial expansion to fulfill the vision of “From Sea to Sea”? What future did Canadians foresee for the nation in “the next 150” at the time of Confederation and at subsequent anniversary commemorations? How might we assess the merits of such forecasts? How have Canadians commemorated previous anniversaries of Confederation? And, at these celebratory moments, how did Canadians reflect on the nation’s present and its past? What roles have historians played in shaping the commemorative experience and the idea of the nation in general? What role should they play? How have other nations or peoples elsewhere in the Commonwealth or beyond crafted their commemorative experiences? How do these compare to the Canadian variants?

The Programme Committee for the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association invites proposals in English and in French from scholars working in any discipline, in any field, and in any era that address the conference theme. We also welcome proposals that do not specifically address the theme.

The Programme Committee invites individual paper and roundtable submissions, but strongly encourages the organization of panels aimed at generating engaging debate, submitted in one of the following two formats:

  1. A panel submission of three papers for which the Programme Committee will appoint a commentator. For these panels, papers must be submitted to the commentator in advance of the conference in order that the commentator may provide substantive remarks as a part of the panel session.
  2. A panel submission of four papers, for which the Programme Committee will appoint a facilitator.

Please submit a proposal of no more than 250 words and a one-page cv to

Deadline: Monday, October 17, 2016

Please note:

– The Programme Committee will accept only one paper proposal per individual.

– Presenters must be members of the Canadian Historical Association and must be able to attend the conference to present their paper in person.

– See more at:

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