Online Event – Environmental Perspectives in the History of the Levant

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Environmental Perspectives in the History of the Levant: Between Imperial Rule and the Development of Zionist and Palestinians National Identities

with Roy Marom, Anat Kidron, and Sleman Atehe

April 3, 2024 – 18:00-19:30 (IST), Zoom

ESEH Environmental History Today Webinar Series, 2023-2024 – Israel

You are warmly invited to the roundtable on Environmental perspectives in the history of the Levant: between imperial rule and the development of Zionist and Palestinians national identities.

  • Presenters:
    Dr. Roy Marom, People and Forest in Ottoman Palestine: Ethnographic Sketch of Landscape Transformation in the Sharon Plain’s Ghaba
  • Prof. Anat Kidron, The Undrained Swamp: colonialism, nationalism, environmental policy and swamps in Mandatory Palestine
  • Sleman Atehe, Unraveling Realities: Environmental Policy, Settler Colonialism, and Eco-Sumud in Naqab’s Unrecognized Villages

Chair: Dr. Omer Aloni

Environmental Perspectives in the History of the Levant

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