Environmental History of Atlantic Canada Twitter Conference 2022

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This Fall semester, at Saint Mary’s University, I taught a senior undergraduate/graduate seminar entitled The Environmental History of Atlantic Canada. The students in this course have been working hard all semester thinking about, discussing, and researching topics in the environmental history of Atlantic Canada. This is the first time I have taught this course, and the group of students who participated were pleasure to work with. They showed up every week with insightful contributions to seminar discussions, positivity to class field trips, and the willingness to adjust to changes in the course schedule that are inevitable in the first run-through of course like this.

To celebrate the excellent and innovative work they have been doing all semester, we invite you to attend an online Twitter Conference on Wednesday, December 7th from 4pm-6:30pm AST where each student will present a condensed version of their final project. You can follow along with the conference hashtag at #EHAC2022.

Conference Program

Panel 1: Environmental Racism in Nova Scotia
4:00 PM – Lydia Ferguson, @lydiaferguson26, “Looking at Environmental Racism with Landfills and Dumps”
4:10 PM – Robert Hemming, @Roberthemming04, “Environmental Racism in Nova Scotia: Shelburne and Africville”
4:20 PM – Claudia Fuentes Villa, @ayarifv7, “Where the pavement ends: Africville and the prevalence of environmental racism”
4:30 PM – Lauren Millet, @laurmilly, “The Sydney Tar Ponds: Hell on Earth”
4:40 PM – Benjamin Brekker, @BenBrekker, “The Pictou Pulp Mill and its Impact on Boat Harbour and the Pictou Landing First Nations Reserve”
4:50 PM – Chris Rutledge, @ChrisRutENVHIST, “Does Environmental Racism Still Occur in Present Day Nova Scotia?”

Panel 2: Animals in the Atlantic Region
5:00 PM – Davlyn Laing, @DavlynLaing, “The Missing Moose of Nova Scotia: The Disappearance and, Hopefully, Reappearance”
5:10 PM – Flynn Walthour, @FW41348739, “Protesting the Seal Hunt: Helpful or Hurtful”
5:20 PM – Thomas Carey, “Atlantic Seal Hunt”
5:30 PM – Gabriel Shannon, @Gabriel08881458, “Anti-Sealing Campaigns”

Panel 3: Resource Extraction and Disaster in Atlantic Canada
5:40 PM – Emilie Thibodeau, @EmilieThibdeau, ” Prospectin’ & Profitin’: Extractivist Logic in Nova Scotia’s Gold Mining Industry, A Living History”
5:50 PM – Bernice Perry, @bernicemperry, “All That Glitters – Golden Dollars Nova Scotia Gold Mining”
6:00 PM – Gabe Isenor, @gabeisenor, “The Cod War: Russian Fishing on the Grand Banks”
6:10 PM – Kelsey Atwood, @katwoodxo, “Hurricane Juan a By-Product of Global Warming”
6:20 PM – Matt McAllister, @MattMcAlliste15, “New Brunswick Forestry Problems” 6:30 PM – Katherine Ji, @574547950Ji, “Vanishing Storm Defenses: Tidal Wetlands of the Bay of Fundy”

*The conference program may be subject to last-minute changes. Any changes will appear here.

Feature Image: HIST 4831 Field Trip at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 2022
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Heather Green is an assistant professor in the Department of History at Saint Mary's University. She is interested in the intersections of environmental and Indigenous histories, histories of Indigenous and Settler Relations, and mining history, particularly in the Canadian North. You can connect with her on twitter @heathergreen21.

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