Histoire Source | Source Story Call for Website and Video Storytellers

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Histoire Source | Source Story are looking for early-career historian-educators for two initiatives. Firstly, they are looking for early-career historian-educators to develop decade-specific content for a new website aimed at Canadian history teachers in grades 7/12. Secondly, they are looking for historians, archivists, curators, artists, and community members who would like to share a primary or secondary source in a short 5-10 minute video about how using this source can challenge Canadian history if used in the classroom. The deadline to apply for both initiatives is March 27, 2022. Find more information in the PDF below.

Feature Image; “Maker Art: Creating a Time Machine at the Lycée” by fabola is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.
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Samantha Cutrara

Dr. Samantha Cutrara is a History Education Strategist based in Toronto. Her first book Transforming the Canadian History Classroom: Imagining a new ‘we’ will be released by UBC Press in September. Find more about her work at www.SamanthaCutrara.com Follow her on Twitter at @DrSCutrara or on Facebook at @ImaginingaNewWe

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