The Pandemic Histories Website is Live!

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Some of you may have enjoyed the Pandemic Histories webinars last summer or read “What Difference Does a Century Make? Pandemic Responses to Influenza and COVID-19” by Esyllt Jones and Magda Fahrni. Well, Jones has now developed an entire website devoted to epidemic and pandemic histories!

Pandemic Histories is dedicated to promoting historical perspectives on epidemic and pandemic disease outbreaks, with an emphasis on the relationship between health, structural inequalities, and lived experiences.

Head to the website for:

  • Short essays on the history of pandemics and infectious disease
  • Webinar announcements
  • Ongoing COVID-19 archive project

Interested parties can also submit essays, blog posts, and other items related to the history of pandemics and infectious diseases.

Feature Image: An unidentified private of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (C.W.A.C.) conducting tests during the Respiratory Disease Control Program, Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada, ca. February-March 1944. Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-180604.

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