Public Lecture: “Who the Heck Was Jocko and Why Should We Care?”

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Brock Talks: Who the Heck Was Jocko and Why Should We Care?

with Dr. Keri Cronin

April 12th, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST, Online Event

Organized by St. Catharines Public Library

Dr. Keri Cronin will share the story of a sea lion named Jocko and explore the importance of local animal and environmental histories.

About this Event

During the summer of 1962 a sea lion named Jocko caused a media sensation when he escaped from Prudhomme Garden Centre in Vineland, Ontario. For several months he evaded authorities and amateur rescuers alike as he swam in Lake Ontario. Keri Cronin, Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities, will share Jocko’s story of escape and eventual capture. She will explore why it is not only interesting on its own–here we have an animal who is neither native nor invasive struggling to survive in a foreign environment–but it also provides an important framework for thinking about animal histories and environmental histories in the Niagara region.

Feature Image: “Sea Lion,” by Eva, Flickr Commons.
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Keri Cronin is a Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at Brock University. Her work explores representations of human-animal histories through art and visual culture.

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