#ASEH2020Tweets Twitter Conference Schedule (March 19-20, 2020)

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#ASEH2020Tweets Twitter Conference

Conference Schedule

March 19–20, 2020

Hosted by the American Society for Environmental History Graduate Student Caucus (@ASEHGradCaucus) and Co-Sponsored by NiCHE New Scholars (@NiCHE_NS)

Thursday, March 19 2020 (all times EST)

12:00: Alan MacEachern (@alanmaceachern), Western University, “Weather Denial & Fake News: A California Rainmaker on the Canadian Prairies”

12:30: Catherine Price (@CatherineJPrice), University of East Anglia, “How Important is Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 2020?”  

13:00: Daniela Russ (@UeberDruss), University of Toronto/University of Guelph, “Nature’s Efficiency: Energetika as Political Ecology of the Early Soviet Union (1923-1930)”

13:30: Katrin Boniface (@KatBoniface), UC Riverside, “Where are the Mares?”

14:00: Rebecca Kaplan (@rebecca_kaplan), Science History Institute, “Quarantining the Border: Foot and Mouth Disease and Livestock in North America”

14:30: Sarah Stanford-McIntyre (@sarahthestan), University of Colorado Boulder, “The Roscoe, Texas Wind Farm and the Dilemma of Globalized Green Energy”  

15:00: Alex Souchen (@AlexSouchen), Trent University, “The Cordite Ditch: #Munitions Production, Water #Pollution, and the #SSW in Winnipeg, Manitoba”

15:30: Hailey Venn (@HaileyVenn), Simon Fraser University, “Legality and Leachate: Prevailing ‘Mutual Benefit’ Relations and Leachate Politics (1966-1981)”

16:00: Kirke Elsass (@KirkeElsass), Montana State University, “Cementing Montana”  

16:30: Heather Green (@heathergreen21), Saint Mary’s University, “Beer, Identity, and Environment: Thomas O’Brien and the Klondike Brewery”  

Friday, March 20 2020 (all times EST)

10:00: Meg Perret (@MegPerret), Harvard History of Science; Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, “‘Migration is Nature’: Imagine Queer Futures Beyond Borders and Binaries”

10:30: Brian Leech (@brianleechphd), Augustana College, “A Miner’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Portrayal of Mining in Hollywood’s Science Fiction”

11:00: Scout Blum (@ScoutBlum), Troy University, “More than Plants, Animals, or Clay: Nature as a Weapon of Oppression Against Young People (1960-1975)”  

11:30: Jody Hodgins (@hodginsjody), York University, “Rural Realities: Using Imagery to Diagnose Animals”  

12:00: Shannon Stunden Bower (@StundenBower), University of Alberta, “Strip Farming and the Wheat Stem Sawfly on the Canadian Prairies, 1930s-1940s”

12:30: Joshua Nygren (@joshua_nygren), University of Central Missouri, “The Technology of Erasure: Earthmovers and the Reclamation of Eroded Farmland in the United States after WWII”  

13:00: Samuel Klee (@RunWriteTeach), Saint Louis University, “Caging Cantaloupe Fields: The War Food Administration and Carceral Agriculture in Chesterfield, MO, 1937-1972”

13:30: Mark Boxell (@BoxellMark), University of Oklahoma, “Conserving Oil, Preserving Whiteness: Race, Monopoly, and Oil Infrastructure in the Progressive-Era United States”

14:00: Caio Fernando Flores-Coelho (@CaoGris), Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, “Neighbouring a Riverside: Urbanity and Taskscapes in the Settlement of a River Harbour in Late 19th Century German-Italian Migration to South Brazil”

14:30: Cristina Wood (@cristina__wood), York University, “Enchanting Materials: Storytelling with Artifacts of the Ottawa River’s History”

15:00: Shannon Brown (@bannon_shrown), Queen’s University, “‘An Eye in the Sky to Keep Peace’: The Career of a ‘Peace Satellite’ in 1980s Canada”

15:30: Kenneth Reilly (@KReilly16), University of Western Ontario, “‘Seeing’ Nature: National Parks and Braille Trails, 1966-1988”  

16:00: Robert Suits (@Robert_Suits), University of Chicago, “From Hobos to Braceros, 1870-1930”

16:30: Graham Auman Pitts (@graham_a_pitts), Georgetown University, “Was Ottoman Mount Lebanon a Borderland?”

17:00: Christopher Tong (@ChrisKTong), University of Maryland, Baltimore County, “The Paradox of China’s Sustainability”

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