ASEH 2020 Session Organizer

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In 2020, the American Society for Environmental History’s annual meeting will head north of the border for the first time since 2013. The place: Ottawa. The theme: Reparative Environmental History.

To help scholars with similar interests around the country, continent, and world find each other and form complete panels or roundtables–the preferred form of submission for this conference–we at NiCHE have created a Google Doc to serve as a session organizer, or virtual bulletin board. [1]

Want to organize a panel, but need one or more people? Post your call for participants here. Have a paper, but need to find a panel to join? Post your paper topic or title here and the kinds of themes around which a panel could be built–or see if anyone else has a relevant panel with spots to spare. NiCHE’s executive members have also listed their email addresses and research specialties at the top of the Google Doc. If we can help you find others with similar research interests, don’t hesitate to email us!

We envision this session organizer as being particularly helpful for the following groups:

  • Canadian historians who don’t usually attend ASEH’s meetings, but who are researching some aspect of the relationship between humans and the nonhuman world in the past;
  • Emerging environmental historians who are still building their professional networks;
  • Established environmental historians whose research is moving into a new area, or who would like to diversify their conversations or extend their networks further.

Anyone wanting to attend ASEH 2020 is welcome to use this session organizer. You don’t need to be Canadian, or propose a panel or paper that relates to Canadian history. You also don’t need to identify primarily as an environmental historian.

Proposals are due July 12, 2019 and can be submitted using this portal. In the meantime, please share the link to the Google Doc widely. We hope it will help at least a few scholars find like-minded colleagues, perhaps in unexpected places!


[1] The session organizer is inspired in part by the HSS Meeting Wiki, a similar initiative that has operated in connection with past meetings of the History of Science Society.

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