New Scholars Call for Participants: Digital #EnvHist Meeting, Current Climate e-Roundtable, and ASEH Warm-up

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NiCHE New Scholars will run 3 events this spring, and we are currently looking for participants!

1) February: Digital Environmental History Showcase (Google Hangouts)
The digital toolbox available to historians gets bigger every year, and new scholars are at the forefront of digital innovation. At the end of the month we will meet to talk about digital methods in Environmental History. Scholars with existing projects and those interested in digital techniques are both welcome to join.

Questions for discussion:

  • What digital techniques have been used most effectively by environmental historians? What are the most exciting new projects in the discipline? What tools do we under-use?
  • What are the potential methodological payoffs and/or the pitfalls of digital work?
  • How can new and emerging scholars best balance new expectations for digital publication/literacy with the traditional requirements of the job market?
  • Resource Share: What educational/financial support exists for scholars embarking on digital projects?

To Participate: Email Mica ( Then: Click here to set a time for the Digital Environmental History meeting


2) Digital Roundtable on the Current Climate of Environmentalism
The executive orders and proposed policies of the Trump Administration and recent events, such as the Standing Rock protests, have brought environmental topics to the forefront of the public’s conscience. This email roundtable will engage participants in a discussion of:

  • Current Events
  • Environmental Anxiety
  • Resurgence of certain environmental topics, such as environmental justice
  • Role of environmental history in this current political climate
  • Role of new scholars in engaging these topics and bridging the gap between contemporary and historical events, old and new scholarship
  • The way in which these issues are viewed and dealt with differently in Canada and the United States.

The results of this roundtable will be published on The Otter in March.

To Participate: Please contact Jessica DeWitt ( by February 17th.

 3) March: ASEH Annual Meeting New Scholars’ Warm-up (Google Hangouts)

In early March, New Scholars will meet to hear and provide constructive critique for a colleague presenting at the American Society for Environment History’s annual meeting. Afterwards, we’ll make sure we have time to talk about panels not-to-be-missed, emerging themes in the discipline, field-trip tips, and the intellectual/environmental politics of attending ASEH in Trump America.

We are currently seeking a volunteer to present her/his paper for  this event. Contact Mica if you are interested!

To Participate: Email Mica ( Then: Click here to set a time for the ASEH Warm-up meeting

Note that participation will be capped for these events, so make sure you secure your place early!


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Mica Jorgenson is an environmental historian of natural resources in Canada. She works in both the academic and public sectors, and teaches periodically at the University of Northern British Columbia.


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