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We Want to Know What You Did Last Summer…


Did you go somewhere interesting this summer? Did you discover a place that piqued your curiosity? By train, plane, automobile … or canoe, bicycle, or walking path … did you encounter an interesting environmental (hi)story? It might not be what you usually study; it might be a few streets over, or overseas. But we’d like to hear about it.


Submit a photo and a paragraph describing where you were, how you got there, and a tantalizing bit about what you found, to by Monday, October 5. Let’s keep the memories of summer adventures alive.


We stuck pretty close to home this summer, but we did explore the rail-trail that links Lewisburg to the town of Mifflinburg, 9 miles to the west. It’s based on the right-of-way of a 1853 railroad that ran from Montandon, on the east side of the Susquehanna River, to Tyrone, Pennsylvania. This is farm country – Amish, Mennonite, corn, sunflowers. And like other rail-trails, it’s a small, but optimistic, adaptation of an industrial landscape, in a state that still proclaims “America runs on coal,” that is frakking enthusiastically to the north and east of here in old coal country.

Outside Mifflinburg, PA. August 2, 2015. There were ducks.
Outside Mifflinburg, PA. August 2, 2015. There were ducks.
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Professor of History at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, where I revel in Canadiana and environmental history. Also a lover of exploring, maps, Jane of Lantern Hill, and Scandinavia.

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