Place and Placelessness 2011

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‘The 2011 Place and Placelessness Online Graduate Student Workshop is coming up this Friday, October 7.

This full-day workshop will feature participants from Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

There will seven panels running over the course of the day, and a plenary discussion at the end of the day on the topic of ‘environmental history and film’.

Three short films were created specifically for the workshop, and can be found on the Place and Placelessness website:

Follow the proceedings via Twitter @Place_Placeless and #placeplaceless.

After the conference, check out the blogs written by the moderators of each of the panels to find out how the workshop went.

If this project interested you, but you didn’t get a chance to participate or get involved this year, consider being one of the co-chairs for 2012’s Place and Placelessness workshop.’


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