1975 Symposium Members

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We are grateful to Thomas McIlwraith and to Brian Osborne (organizer of the 1975 Symposium), Peter Goheen, David Wood, Robin Butlin, Alan Baker, Anne Mosher, Len Guelke, Jock Galloway and Richard Dennis for their kind assistance in identifying the Symposium members in the group photograph. If you can help identify the remaining few without names in the back rows, please send a note to Laura at cameron@queensu.ca.

Front row L-R 1. David Wood 2. Louis Gentilcore 3. Pat Thornton 4. Graeme Whittington 5. Heather Fuller 6. Jim Lemon 7. Peter Goheen 8. Michael Conzen 9. Frank Innes

Second row L-R 1. Stuart Raby 2. 3. Hugh Prince 4. Paul Koroscil 5. Bruce Proudfoot 6. Grant Head 7. C.F.J. ‘Chuck’ Whebel 8. Hans-George Schlichtmann

Third row L-R 1. George Sitwell 2. Ralph Vicero 3. Aidan McQuillan 4. Ian Adams 5. 6. Robin Butlin 7. Tony Phillips

Fourth row L-R 1. Ken Kelly 2. Jock Galloway 3. Robin Holmes 4. John Radford 5. R. Cole Harris 6. David Knight 7. Len Guelke 8. Peter Ennals 9. Derek Gregory 10. Alan Baker 11. Richard Dennis 12. David Ward

Back row L-R 1. Eric Ross 2. Deryck Holdsworth 3. Robert S. Dilley 4. 5. Peter Rees? 6. 7. Hugh Clout? 8. Larry McCann 9. 10. Brian Osborne 11. Victor Conrad 12. Brian Harley 13. Alan Brunger 14. 15. Paul Laxton

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