New Brunswick Courier

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New Brunswick Courier, 26 April 1817

1817 04 26, NB C, poor relief notice0000Transcript:
The Subscribers having been, in pursuance of the Act of the General Assembly of this Province, intituled “An Act to Provide for the Necessities of the Province occasioned by the failure of the late Crop,” appointed by his Honor the PRESIDENT, Commissioners to enquire into the wants and sufferings of the Inhabitants of the City and County of Saint John, do hereby give notice that they will attend to all applications made to them for relief.—They at the same time request all persons applying, with whose circumstances and situations they are unacquainted, to produce certificates from some of their respectable neighbours, stating particularly their distress. Dated the 29th day of March, 1817.



City Gazette, reprinted in New Brunswick Courier, 27 May 1817

1817 05 27, NB C, disaster averted0000Abridged Transcript:
We are happy to learn, that the Freshet in the River St. John, has fallen rapidly within these few days – It had risen higher this season we believe, than ever recollected by the oldest inhabitants to have done before – much damage has been sustained by the farmers on the interval lands – carrying away barns, out-houses, fences, &c.; and materially injuring their dwellings. – We are however pleased to say that the country otherwise has a fine appearance, and every thing indicates a prosperous season. The wise and praiseworthy measures adopted by our Legislature at their last Session, has in a great degree alleviated the distresses of those who were destitute of the means of procuring either seed or even articles for their immediate consumption by which few indeed, comparatively speaking, suffered any real distress. – City Gazette.


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