Diary of Tredway Thomas Odber Miles

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Selected diary entries of Tredway Thomas Odber Miles, Maugerville, New Brunswick
Thanks to Teresa Devor for bringing this to our attention.

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Good Friday 12 April 1816 – Cold with snow- wind NE.

13 April 1816 – Continues to snow- grows warm.

14 April 1816 – Some snow in the morning. Spent this day at home.

15 March 1816 – Snow in the morning- grows warm & takes the snow off.

16, 17, 18 March 1816 – The weather continues the same as Monday- made a tiller for the sloop. Snowed about 3 inches deep every morning for 3 days.

31 May 1816 – Cool & backward season.

6 June 1816 – Rain & some snow; cool

7 June 1816 – Windy, rain, hail & snow.

8 June 1816 – Wonderful to behold. The snow covers the face of the earth one inch deep at 5 o’clock morning- peas up in the garden but appear very much alarmed at the sight of snow.

9 June 1816 – Cold with some rain.

10 June 1816 – Cold, rain & windy. Very hard frost.

11 June 1816 – Grows warmer fast- wind SW. Cucumbers killed by the frost- very little grass. The cattle can hardly subsist.

19 March 1817 – This winter was very cold and severe- the spring very backward

18 April 1817 – hawling wood snow quite deep- the ice in the Oromocto begins to fail- one horse got in. The weather extreme cold- so as to strengthen the ice.

29 April 1817 – Crossed the river on ice at Mr. Nevers. … the ice from the island to my fathers appears strong- the ice begins to run in the Oromocto.


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