Appendix to the … Journals of the House of Assembly of the Province of Lower-Canada

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Appendix to the … Journals of the House of Assembly of the province of Lower-Canada = Appendice … des journaux de la Chambre d’assemblée de la province du Bas-Canada : [Appendix to the XXVIth volume of the Journals of the House of Assembly of the province of Lower-Canada …
[Quebec : Printed by John Neilson, 1817]

E-1- Appendix. E.
Friday, 31st January 1817.

In Committee upon the Accounts and Statements which accompany the Message of His Excellency the Governor in Chief relating to the Distress of the Country Parishes and also to enquire what further relief of the said Parishes is necessary.

…Your Committee examined Mr. Casgrain who informed your Committee that the distress of the Country parts of the District in general is very great. That the relief bestowed by the Executive has greatly alleviated the evil, but is insufficient. That there is a large number of persons who are unable to procure wheat to sow and Potatoes to plant. That a great number of person have sold their Cattle intended for the Plough, to enable themselves to procure a small quantity of provisions both last year and this year. That want of provisions during the season for sowing in 1816, compelled many people to go about in search of Food and prevented them from sowing in time for the ripening of their grain before the frost. That a great number of the Inhabitants have not wherewith to relieve their necessity and to procure the Cattle they want. That there is no money in the Country parts, and that few jobs and but little labour are performed at present. …

Mr. Tache the elder was then heard and confirmed in all respects what Mr. Casgrain has stated to the Committee.

E-3- 2d. That the Parishes of Malbaie, Eboulemens, Baie St. Paul, Petite Rivière, Rimouski, Matane, Cap Chat, St. Féréol, St. Nicolas, St. Giles, St. François, St. Joseph and Ste. Marie of Nouvelle Beauce, St. Henry, St. Gervais, St. Francois Rivière du Sud, St. Thomas, St. Jan Port Joli, St. Roch, St. Ann, Rivière Ouelle, Kamouraska, St. André, Rivière du Loup, Cacona, Ile Verte, Trois Pistoles, Pointe Levi, St. Antoine, St. Valier, Cap St. Ignace, I’Illette, Cap Santé, St. Charles, St. Michel, Grondines and Deschambault are in such a state of distress that it is indispensably necessary to assist a part of those Inhabitants both with articles of Food and Seed grain, in order to secure the poorest of the people from perishing with hunger and not to expose the District to fall into the like state of distress from not having been able to sow their grounds.

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