Northern Exposures: Science, Indigenous Peoples, and Northern Contaminants

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What are the historical ‘pathways of exposure’ through with contaminants have been mobilized in the northern environment?


Despite the popular image of northern Canada as a pristine environment, industrial contaminants represent one of the most significant environmental challenges within the region. The Northern Exposures project analyzes the attempts of Indigenous communities, scientific researchers, governments, and environmental groups to respond to the issue of toxics in the northern environment. We trace the “pathways of exposure” through which contaminants have been mobilized in the northern environment, and consider how these flows co-produced “landscapes of exposure” in the Canadian North. The project team also aims to trace the connections forged by pollution between northern and non-northern places and actors, as well as with non-human actors—such as highly mobile chemical and biological contaminants and the environmental systems through which they move.