Uranium Mining, Remediation, and Storage on Anishinaabe Territory

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Researchers at Wilfred Laurier University will critically examine the production of radiological hazards resulting from historic uranium extraction, processing, and transport, and debates surrounding their remediation.


Building on her previous research into the history of uranium mining on Serpent River First Nation traditional territory, Leddy will undertake archival work in provincial and national archives, and conduct interviews in Elliot Lake, ON, where Cold War uranium extraction took place. Remediation activities have been ongoing in this area, and tailings management sites are continuously monitored. More recently, the NWMO was considering Elliot Lake as a potential site for its deep radiological repository for used nuclear fuel.

Her research questions are:

How are ideas about land and stewardship understood by communities along the north shore of Lake Huron?

How do reclamation and resistance to settler colonialism intersect?