Teaching Module

Tombstone Mountains, Yukon

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Teaching Module

This teaching module currently contains two primary units for secondary and post-secondary instructors to incorporate into their course curriculum, with another forthcoming. In each unit, we provide a brief contextual introduction to the subject matter or case study. This is intended for the instructor to teach the students so they will have the relevant historic background to build their knowledge before completing the suggested reading. We then direct instructors to insightful publications and significant digital tools to incorporate into your own lesson plan or have students engage with. We will end each unit with a suggested activity or discussion questions.

Teaching Module Components

1.0 Introduction: Marking Boundaries in the North

2.0 Learning Objectives

3.0 Unit 1: Boundaries of Sovereignty
          3.1 Case Study 
          3.2 Discussion/Activity
4.0 Unit 2: The Non-Human North
          4.1 Case Study
          4.2 Discussion/Activity
5.0 Unit 3: Environmental Change and Boundaries of the ‘New North
          5.1 Case Study 
          5.2 Discussion/Activity