Charlottetown Harbour, October 2014

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The North-East Atlantic Region Environmental History Group is a network for scholars at any stage of their careers interested in the environmental history of the northeast, writ large: what becomes Canada, the United States, and the north Atlantic.

After a few years of HEAR [Historians of the Environment of the Atlantic Region],  a NICHE-sponsored Canadian group, this transnational group first met in 2012 at the Massachusetts Historical Society. We meet once a year, alternating back and forth across the border (meeting in Boston ’12, Orono ’13, Charlottetown ’14, Lewisburg ’15, Halifax ’16, Mystic ’17, Ottawa ’18). Participants submit pre-circulated papers, usually drafts of articles or chapters, so they receive extensive feedback amid a more intimate, genial discussion. (And no registration & organization fees!)

This page will also be a place to communicate new and exciting research on the Atlantic region.

For more information, contact any of us:

Claire Campbell, Bucknell University, claire.campbell@bucknell.edu

Brian Payne, Bridgewater State University, b2payne@bridgew.edu

Matthew McKenzie, University of Connecticut (Avery Point), matthew.mckenzie@uconn.edu

Edward MacDonald, University of Prince Edward Island, gemacdonald@upei.ca

Will Knight, Canada Science & Technology Museums Corporation, williamknight1@gmail.com