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A Palladio map showing bass introductions into Algonquin Park 1898-1901 along the route of the Canadian Atlantic Railway.

Exploring Fish Introductions using GIS

When Alfred Crosby proposed the “Columbian Exchange,” fish were notably absent from his account. One reason is that global fish exchanges are only about 150 years old. Intimately connected with […]

Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay, Ont. Credit: Frank W. Micklethwaite/Library and Archives Canada/PA-068493.

A Landscape of Science: The Go Home Bay Biological Station

Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of posts considering the intersection between environmental history and the histories of science, technology, and medicine. Previous posts can be found here. Stephen Bocking’s […]

The Dominion Fisheries Museum exhibit at the Canadian National Exhibition 1913, 47th Annual Report of the Department of Marine and Fisheries 1913-14 (Ottawa: 1914)

The Dominion Fisheries Museum: modeling fish and fisheries 1884-1918

The Dominion fisheries museum first appeared at the Great International Fisheries Exhibition in London in 1883 offering a “didactic diorama” of Canadian fisheries and modeling fish as a coherent object […]


Taking Urban Forest History to the Public

Curating a museum exhibit is a new experience for both myself and Joanna Dean. In late January our exhibition – Six Moments in the History of an Urban Forest – […]

Planning next year’s edition of Place and Placelessness

Deadline: Jan 10 2011 Event Website: Event Webpage City: online Primary Contact Name: Will Knight & Lauren Wheeler Contact Email: We’re excited to announce that planning for the 2011 […]

Place and Placelessness: “Coming at you from everywhere”

Will Knight and Lauren Wheeler We’ve all been to conferences that cost a thousand dollars in travel, lodging, and expenses, all for the privilege of watching presenters read papers aloud. […]


Nature’s Nation: exploring Canadian natural history museums

This past May I submitted my thesis proposal on 19th century Canadian natural history museums. It was the same week the Canadian Nature Museum in Ottawa re-opened —glass tower and […]