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THINKING MOUNTAINS 2015: Interdisciplinary Mountain Studies Conference

May 58, 2015


Thinking Mountains is a triennial interdisciplinary mountain studies conference that aims to promote dialogue about mountain places, peoples and activities. To be held in beautiful Jasper National Park, Thinking Mountains 2015welcomes academics from across the disciplines, as well as members of artistic and activist communities, non- and for-profit organizations, government, labour, and NGOs.

Conference events include: keynote presentations by renowned scholars from across the disciplines, and papers on a wide variety of topics, showcasing recent research in this diverse and exciting field.

This conference will also be an opportunity to meet established authors, professors, and other recognized experts in mountain studies, along with those who are making their own name in the field. Special events and field trips (a tour of the Jasper townsite, an excursion the Columbia Icefield, etc.) are scheduled for entertainment and to savour the unique mountain heritage of western Canada.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Sessions: Sessions will be 1.5 hours long and can take the form of paper presentations or a roundtable discussion. Sessions should have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 presenters, including a commentator/chair.

2. Papers: Individual papers will be organized into 1.5-hour sessions by the program committee. Paper presentations will be no longer than twenty minutes.

3. Posters: We welcome submissions for our poster session. Posters will be on display throughout the conference and there will be a designated 1.5-hour poster session where authors can present their posters.

To propose a session, please send your session title, a brief description (150 words) of the session, the names and contact information of presenters (minimum three; maximum five), the titles of their papers with abstracts, along with your contact information and a brief biographical note about yourself to

To propose an individual paper or poster, please send a title, an abstract of 150 words, contact information, and a brief biographical note about yourself to

* * Deadline for Submissions: November 14, 2014 * *

Potential Themes for sessions, open papers, and/or posters include, but are not limited to, the following: Geomorphology, glaciology, atmospheric science; regional studies; past environments and/or peoples; Cultural Studies; literature and the aesthetic arts; experiential education and pedagogy; tourism, parks and protected areas; the science and medicine of altitude (physiology, human performance, clinical, etc.); mountain ecologies, biological diversity, flora and fauna.

For conference announcements and further information, please visit


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