Virtual Event – GIS Days: Discover the Science of Where

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GIS Days: Discover the Science of Where, November 2023

GIS Days: Discover the Science of Where

13 – 16 November 2023

Organized by Western Libraries with support from University of Manitoba Libraries and Western University’s Department of Geography and Environment

Map Gallery Submission Deadline: 8 November 2023; Lightning, 7-Minute Talk Proposals Accepted Until Spots Are Filled

Learn more about GIS Days

Celebrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Days alongside colleagues, classmates, and community leaders from across Canada at this free, interactive event.

The virtual event runs from Monday, Nov. 13 to Thursday, Nov. 16 and is free to attend. It will include presentations, tutorials, demos, and virtual social events. All presentation times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Join us in-person Wednesday, Nov. 15 for our open-house event held at Western Libraries, or at one of the other in-person events held by one of our collaborating institutions.

Maps and mapping technology are more accessible now than ever before. There will be a wide range of presentations topics throughout the week.

Event details

GIS Days will include 1 hour blocks of presentations throughout the day (on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday). Feel free to pop in and out of the Zoom Webinar space as you please.

You can explore the world of digital maps and GIS through:

  • 7 minute lightning talks
  • 20 minute demonstrations
  • 1 hour tutorials
  • Asynchronously explore our map gallery
  • Drop-in to one of our networking events
  • Join us during our in-person Open House

Trivia event

On the evening of Thursday, November 16th at 7:00pm EST join us for a geography-themed trivia event. There will be lots of prizes available. All are welcome. This event will be held virtually on Zoom and in-person at Western’s Grad Club.

 You can join with a team, or we can find you a team to join. Questions will be streamed through our Zoom Webinar channel, and team answers will be collected from both online and in-person participants.

Peoples’ Choice Awards

Make sure to share your feedback and vote for your favourite lightning talks and map gallery submissions for a chance to win one of our door prizes. Winners of the Peoples’ Choice Awards will receive gift card prizes and certificates at the end of the week.

Event Coordination

Event Leadership: Western Libraries spearheads the coordination and leadership for this event. Their diverse expertise in the realm ensures a well-organized and insightful GIS Days event.

Event Funding: To make this event possible, Western Libraries provides the essential funding, with important contributions from the University of Manitoba Libraries and Western University’s Department of Geography and Environment. This support enables us to bring you an event of exception quality, scope and, prizes. 

Event Collaboration: Our event thrives on collaboration, and we’re proud to partner with a diverse array of organizations. To learn more about our partners, we invite you to explore our list of participating organizations on the event collaborators page.

Call for presentations

We are currently accepting presentation submissions for 7 minute lightning talks, and map gallery expressions of interest (maps submitted closer to the event).

  • There are still spots available for lightning talks, this message will be taken down when spots are filled
  • Deadline for map gallery submissions is end of day Nov. 8, 2023

In order to release our preliminary schedule, we encourage you to submit your presentation topic early. You’ll be able to add to and edit your abstracts and bios once we have the schedule in order. There will be scholarship prizes available to students for both lightning talks and map gallery winners, awarded to the top voted maps and presentations as voted for by attendees.

Feature Image: “Canada location map 2 – lite” by MapGrid is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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