Online Event – Critical Conversations: Water and Borders

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Critical Conversations – Water and Borders: A Roundtable

Featuring Cary Miller, Teresa Montoya, Emma Norman, and Nicole Wilson; Moderated by Adele Perry

Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30pm CST

Hosted by the Centre for Human Rights Research at the University of Manitoba

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Does water have a border? When do the politics of water cut across borders, and when are they shaped, or even determined, by them? How does water challenge our conventional understanding of borders, including geopolitical ones, and how does it alert us to histories that pre-date the power of the colonial state? Can struggles around water – whether for decent drinking water, or against mega-projects and their impact on Indigenous communities – on different sides of North America’s settler borders be understood in common, or as discrete and different?

Poster for Critical Conversations: Water and Borders
Feature Image: “Red River of the North, The Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba” by Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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