Nature’s Past Episode 70: Environmentalism and the Company of Young Canadians

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Episode 70: Environmentalism and the Company of Young Canadians

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In the fourth article in Papers in Canadian History and Environment, Kevin Brushett explores the role of the Company of Young Canadians in early environmental activism around issues that we might refer to today as “sustainable development.”

The Company of Young Canadians was a federally sponsored youth program that operated from 1965 to 1977. As Brushett writes, “The Company was established by the Pearson Liberal government in 1965 to act as the foot soldiers in Canada’s very own war on poverty.”

The CYC also became involved in emergent environmental activism in the 1960s and 1970s. One CYC activist is even credited with naming “green peace.”

This episode of the podcast features an interview with Kevin Brushett about this new article and the history of the CYC.


Kevin Brushett

Works Cited:

Brushett, Kevin. “From the Grassroots: The Company of Young Canadians, Local Activism, and Sustainable Development in Canada, 1965-1975” Papers in Canadian History and Environment, no. 4 (August 2020): 1-38,

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Kheraj, Sean. “Episode 70: Environmentalism and the Company of Young Canadians” Nature’s Past: Canadian Environmental History Podcast. 2 September 2020.

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Sean Kheraj is the director of the Network in Canadian History and Environment. He's an associate professor in the Department of History and vice dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies at York University. His research and teaching focuses on environmental and Canadian history. He is also the host and producer of Nature's Past, NiCHE's audio podcast series and he blogs at

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