Summer Postcards, 2018

Fort Needham Memorial Park, Halifax (7 May 2018)

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Did you go somewhere interesting this summer? Did you discover a place that piqued your curiosity? Did you seek out, or stumble onto, an interesting environmental (hi)story?

It might have been in your hometown, or across the sea; in the course of your research, or your off-the-clock travels … but then, as environmental historians, we’re never really off the clock, are we? What did you snap a picture of that got you thinking about nature, people, and history?

Unlike dad’s slideshow, we’d love to see your photos!

Email ( or tweet (@NICHE_Canada) a photo and caption describing where you were and maybe a bit of tantalizing background. Let’s keep the memories of summer adventures alive.


(This photo was taken at the newly-refurbished memorial to the Halifax Explosion of 6 December 1917. In the busy, crowded Halifax Harbour, the Mont Blanc was carrying cotton and benzol – as well as TNT – when she was hit by the Imo. The result was the largest human-made explosion in history before the atomic detonations in 1945. See here for more.)


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Professor of History at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, where I revel in Canadiana and environmental history. Also a lover of exploring, maps, Jane of Lantern Hill, and Scandinavia.

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