New Issue of Scientia Canadensis on Energy and Society in Canada

Hamilton Gas Lighting Co. Source: Library and Archives Canada, 3282027.

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The most recent issue of Scientia Canadensis  is now available (Volume 37, no. 1-2). This issue focuses on energy in Canadian society. Readers with institutional subscriptions can access the new issue here.

Articles in this issue cover a range of topics in energy history, including hydro-electricity, oil, nuclear power, and artificial lighting. Here is the table of contents:

  • Mahdi Khelfaoui (Guest Editor), “Introduction: Énergie et société au Canada”
  • Henry Vivian Nelles, “Light Switch: Towards a History of the Second Enlightenment”
  • Christopher D. Conway, “Ontario’s Electrical Future: Global Environmental Limits, Systems Thinking, and Electrical Power Planning in Ontario, 1974-1983”
  • Jack Lucas, “How Hydro Ontario Went Local: The Creation of Local Districts and the Ontario Central System”
  • Mark Sholdice, ““It is the finest piece of government work that I know of anywhere”: The Influence of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario on the Giant Power Survey of Pennsylvania, 1923-1927”
  • Mahdi Khelfaoui, “Le nucléaire dans la stratégie énergétique du Québec, 1963-2012”
  • Eda Kranakis, “Peak Oil Theory in Canada’s Globe and Mail: A Case Study of the Construction of Ignorance”
  • 31 pages of book reviews!

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