Water, Fish and Fowl: The Translocal Ecologies Mobile ‘Workship’

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Event Date: Oct 30 2011
Event Website: Event Webpage
City: Kingston
Country: Canada
Primary Contact Name: Laura Cameron and Kirsten Greer
Contact Email: niche.transnational.ecologies@queensu.ca


12:30 to 3:30, lunch provided.
Join us as we cruise Lake Ontario and the entrance to the 1000 Islands aboard the Island Star (or Island Queen).
Kingston Harbour, at the foot of Brock St., Kingston, Ontario.

Transnational Ecologies has been working to deepen communication concerning migrations of both non-human species and environmental knowledge. On the 30th of October, we are launching a mobile ‘workship’ that brings together a small group of historical geographers, postcolonial and environmental historians, historians of science and local experts to discuss common interests in mobility, nature & knowledge. To some extent the ‘workship’ builds on the strong interest in transnational, translocal and international issues exhibited at the NiCHE EH+ conference held at McMaster last spring and we hope to continue some of the conversations begun there. This meeting will involve short talks by keynote speakers but will also be process-oriented. For instance, participants will be asked to bring an object that connects to a particular way of thinking about mobility/materiality, and/or the concept of the translocal/transnational in the context of our journey. We will be documenting the event in various ways and we will work towards the creation of a cross-referenced Translocal Ecology Dictionary with entries provided in part by participants.

Keynote speakers include:

Dean Bavington, Memorial University, author of Managed Annihilation: An Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse

Robert Wilson, Syracuse University, author of Seeking Refuge: Birds and Landscapes of the Pacific Flyway

There are 40 places available. To reserve your place, please contact us as soon as possible at:niche.transnational.ecologies@queensu.ca. In your email, please explain briefly your interest in joining us and the object you (tentatively) will bring. Also please indicate your lunch preference: vegetarian or chicken.

Thank you,
Laura Cameron and Kirsten Greer,
Transnational Ecologies, NiCHE

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