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parkscoverThe publication of A Century of Parks Canada during the hundredth anniversary of the Dominion Parks Branch (later renamed Parks Canada) provided an opportunity to draw some media attention to Canadian environmental history. The book’s editor Claire Campbell and NiCHE director and contributor to the book Alan MacEachern started things off with a PEI CBC Radio interview in February. In early May, a CBC web article on the 100 year celebrations included numerous quotes from Campbell. On May 19, Campbell and MacEachern did another fifteen interviews with CBC radio morning shows across Canada. Local CBC radio and Radio Canada stations also interviewed a few more contributors including Olivier Craig-Dupont in Montreal. University of Calgary’s CJSW “Today in Canadian History” radio segment and podcast presented another interview with Campbell.

Some newspapers and websites also profiled the book. The Calgary Heraldinterviewed Campbell during the week of the anniversary. The Yukon News interviewed David Nuefield and Brad Martin. Dalhousie’s Dal News and theForest History Society promoted the book’s publication and Christopher Moore, a leading Canadian history blogger, mentioned the book. Moore also pointed his readers towards the special edition of NiCHE’s Nature’s Past Podcast, where Sean Kheraj interviewed Campbell, George Colpitts and Gwynn Langemann in front of a live audience at the University of Calgary in April. The Friends of Banff website also posted a podcast recording of Campbell and Lyle Dick’s public lecture at the Whyte Museum in Banff.

If you do not have a copy of the book yet, visit your local book seller or visit the University of Calgarywebsite and order a copy or read the free eBook.

If you are interview by a media outlet about your environmental history research please let us know so we can link to the interview from the NiCHE website. Email Jim Clifford: jcliffo9@uwo.ca

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