Online: The Forest Chronicle Archive (1925-2001)

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As part of the Canadian Institute of Forestry’s 100th anniversary in 2008, and through a special project with NRC Research Press, we are pleased to make available an electronic archive of past issues of The Forestry Chronicle. All articles from 1925 to 2001 have been scanned into a readable, searchable format (PDF). This new archive offers a tremendous wealth of on-line forest science and research spanning some 75 years, and is an invaluable historical record of forestry in Canada. In order for the Institute to cover its costs for this significant investment, we ask that your library or organization consider helping us by purchasing access on a one-time basis. Access is perpetual and there are no annual maintenance fees.

Featured image: Photo by Roman Malik on Unsplash.

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David Brownstein is the Principal of Klahanie Research Ltd ( He is also a longstanding UBC sessional instructor, and the continuing co-ordinator of NiCHE's "The Canadian Forest-History Preservation Project" (still facilitating archival donations after 11 years).

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