Signs of the Season Photo Contest

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We are delighted to announce the winners of the Signs of the Season Photo Contest. There were three categories: surprise, beauty and creativity.

For surprise, the winner is Daniel Macfarlane’s “Sprouting in NY”. In this category, the judges have also awarded an honorable mention to Andrea Gill for her “Stanley Park Heron Colony”.


For beauty, the winner is Lauren Wheeler for her “Spring Snow”. Daniel Macfarlane’s “Gatineau in Fall Fog” was awarded an honorable mention.


Finally, for creativity, the winner is Daniel Macfarlane for his “Rapid(s) Change”. The honorable mention in this category goes to
Jennifer Davis for “Reseeding”.


The judges were a panel of artists consisting of Kari Gogol in Vancouver, Matt Rogalsky in London, UK and Sophie Edwards in Kingston, Ontario. Winners receive $50 and their photos will be featured on the NiCHE website main page. All entrants will have their work displayed on the Transnational Ecologies website. Thanks to everyone who entered. Those of you who intended to enter but never got around to it will be pleased to know that Transnational Ecologies is sponsoring a second photo contest on the theme of “Migratory Natures”. Details will be announced shortly!

See the Signs of the Season photo set on our flickr page.

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