Canadians at WCEH 2014

WCEH 2014, Portugal

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In 2014 the second meeting of the World Council of Environmental Historians met at Guimarães Portugal. NiCHE supported 11 scholars and 1 session. Here is some of the Canadian coverage of the event.

Alan MacEachern, NiCHE New Scholar Travel Grants to WCEH announced

Jim Clifford, Canadians Heading to Guimarães


The following are a series of posts written by recipients of NiCHE New Scholar Travel Grants to attend the World Congress of Environmental History in Guimarães, Portugal.

Merle Massie, Why I Love International Conferences

David Zylberberg, Eating Minerals: Fossil Inputs in 18th Century Agriculture

Melissa Charenko, Portugal’s Cork Industry

Dale Barbour, Liminal Moments on the Way to & from Guimarães

Dagomar Degroot, The Culture of Climate Change

John Thistle, Science, Storytelling, and Environmental History

Ben Bradley, Rowdy Parks: Towards a More Popular Culture of Nature in Postwar Canada

Mary-Ann Shantz, The Naked Truth about Conferences


External Links

Stephen Bocking, Environmental History and Science at the World Congress


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