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Today’s “Ribbon of Green”, City of Edmonton. Personal photo, William Van Arragon.

Whose ‘Ribbon of Green’? HGIS and the Histories of Edmonton’s River Valley and Ravines System

By Mo Engel, Shannon Stunden Bower, Andrew Tappenden, and William Van Arragon If you were to ask many Edmontonians today what they think makes their city special, odds are good […]

Montréal, 1900-1905. Rue Craig >Est, depuis rue McGill, BANQ Carte Postale, Photo: Flickr

New ways to imagine an old city

Imagine if you could examine the entire real estate portfolio for any proprietor in a large city linked to detailed household descriptions of up to a third of his or […]

A view of San Pablo, the site of ASU Tempe Campus, c1908. LOC 6a16978u

Teaching Historical GIS and Restoring Lost Communities in the Classroom

Canadians have been hitting above their weight in the area of geospatial analysis since the development of the Canada Land Inventory and the world’s first Geographic Information System (GIS) in […]