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A view of San Pablo, the site of ASU Tempe Campus, c1908. LOC 6a16978u

Teaching Historical GIS and Restoring Lost Communities in the Classroom

Canadians have been hitting above their weight in the area of geospatial analysis since the development of the Canada Land Inventory and the world’s first Geographic Information System (GIS) in […]

Composite view of Earth at night from the Suomi NPP satellite, Dec 2012

Why We Don’t Unsubscribe from Place: Digital Networks and Mobility

by Josh MacFadyen Living for two months with six people, no furniture, and only what cargo we could cram into a small white minivan is strangely illuminating. That’s what I […]

"Two Worlds Colliding," NFB Documentary about Starlight Tours and Aboriginal Deaths

Cold Cases: Hypothermia before, and after, Stonechild

The 2013 ice storm left hundreds of thousands of Canadians out in the cold and made some people pause to consider the fragility of urban energy systems in a changing […]

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Old Weather and the New Climate of the Arctic

On 12 May, Dr. Kevin Wood from NOAA and the climate history citizen science project “Old Weather” will deliver a public keynote at Western University. Titled “Old Weather and the […]

Platearius, Livre des simples médecines, c. 1480.

Beaver for Lent

by Dolly Jørgensen. Today’s the last day of Lent, which got me thinking about beaver. That might not sound like an obvious connection but they are in fact related. During the […]

Bradypus. Source: Stefan Laube Wikipedia

The Problems of an Eighteenth-Century Menagerie

by Lisa Smith. Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753) was a famous physician and well-known collector, whose collections became the core of the British Museum (founded in 1753). The online database of Sloane’s […]

The Blue Bird. Image:

Introducing our Social Media Editor

It’s the middle of exam period and if you’re pleasantly surprised by the unusually high volume of Canadian environmental history news on NiCHE’s social media you can thank our new Social […]

St. Laurent, signing the UN Charter in San Francisco as Mackenzie King looks on, 26 June 1945. Flickr

Canadians in San Francisco

Canadians are going to San Francisco this week and “crossing divides” with environmental historians at the 2014 ASEH annual conference. All but one of the NiCHE executives are on the […]

Isotherms January 1885, NMLA# W05.E3 (1884-1885), 728832 Flickr

The Climate is History

The Climate is History: Documents as Evidence of Climate Change 12 May, 2014 The University of Western Ontario A one-day workshop introducing a new collection of archival climate records and […]

Environment Canada weather stations, 1840-1960. Source: J MacFadyen

Long-range forecasts

by Josh MacFadyen February 3 is getting a bad reputation. If like me you grow weary of Canadian winters around this time of year, and neither the Super Bowl nor […]

Winter 2013 Newsletter and Book Draw

This newsletter follows on the tail of the 2013 ice storm, so it seems fitting that many of the member projects and recent articles in The Otter ~ La Loutre were about […]

"Frozen to Death," Montreal 1872. Source: McCord Museum

Cold Comfort: Firewood, Ice Storms, and Hypothermia in Canada

by Josh MacFadyen Many Canadians had a brush with homelessness, or at least heat-lessness, over the holidays. Over half a million customers across Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick spent Christmas […]