A Call for Syllabi and Teaching Resources

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Although we’re in the deepest of deep summer, at least going by the Canadian post-secondary calendar, you’re probably already thinking about next year’s courses. You might have had to write course outlines for your department’s website, or submit your fall textbook orders to your university’s bookstore already.

Here at NiCHE, we’d like to learn more about the present state of Canadian and North American environmental history teaching in post-secondary institutions. To that end, we’d like to ask our readers for their help.

Have you recently taught a course on Canadian or North American environmental history?
If so, would you be willing to archive a copy of the syllabus on our Teaching Materials page? This act of scholarly generosity is especially appreciated by those preparing to teach environmental history courses for the first time. (And it’s all the more significant now that the H-Environment syllabus bank no longer exists.)

Are you preparing to teach a new and exciting course on Canadian or North American environmental history? Or a non-EH course infused with environmental content?
We’d like to preview a handful of courses in a forthcoming post on The Otter ~ La Loutre. If you’d be willing to tell us a little bit about your course, please get in touch!

Do you have favourite resources (textbooks, databases, films, etc) that you use when teaching Canadian or North American environmental history?
We’re continually updating our Teaching Materials page, and we’d love to hear what resources you’ve found useful in your own courses.

Please contact us or leave a comment below if you can help us out with any of the above. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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