CoHearence 06 – Protest and Resistance: G20 Stories

Episode 6:Protest and Resistance: G20 Stories [1:07:25]

Illustration: Beehive Design Collective

Illustration: Beehive Design Collective

In June of 2010, government leaders from 20 of the world’s richest countries met in Toronto to discuss the global economy and the world financial system. People from across Canada and around the world converged in the streets of downtown Toronto to protest the G20’s focus on increasing austerity measures and cuts to social programming as a way to curtail international debt and to keep power in the hands of the wealthy. These protesters were met with the most expensive and violent coordinated security effort in Canadian history.

In this episode guest producer Sonja Killoran-McKibbin guides listeners through the G20 weekend by weaving together the stories of community organizers Yogi Acharya, Joanna Adamiak, and Catherine Ady-Bell. Yogi, Joanna, and Catherine each provide their personal experience in preparation for, during, and after the G20 in Toronto. Together, these stories challenge the mainstream media and Canadian government’s criminalization of community organizers and argue for the importance of acts of resistance in everyday life.

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  • Yogi Acharya
  • Joanna Adamiak
  • Catherine Ady-Bell

Killoran-McKibbin, Sonja, Amanda Di Battista and Andrew Mark, “Protest and Resistance: G20 Stories” CoHearence. 12 December 2012


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