CoHearence 05 – Poetic Nature(s): Literature and Politics at the Green Words/Green Worlds conference (Part 2)

Episode 05:Protest and Resistance: G20 Stories [1:07:25]

Photo: Edie Steiner, Text 2: from the series Material Remains (2003)

Photo: Edie Steiner, Text 2: from the series Material Remains (2003)

In the second part of CoHearence’s look at the 2011 conference, Green Words/Green Worlds: Environmental Literatures and Politics in Canada, we continue our investigation of the relationship between the cultivation of an environmental reading (and writing) practice and engaged eco-politics. Featuring excerpts from the Green Words/Green Worlds opening public poetry panel which included keynote presenters Brian Bartlett, Armand Garnett Ruffo and Rita Wong, we build on our discussion with conference organizers Catriona Sandilands and Ella Soper about why literature is important for environmental thought and action. We explore how and why Canadian ecocritics and poets are engaging with the challenging environmental questions of our time and provide perspectives for rethinking the way we imagine our environment.

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Other Contributor(s):

  • Brian Bartlett
  • Adam Dickinson
  • Ben Geherls
  • Kathryn Komorowski
  • Augustine Nchujie
  • Armand Garnett Ruffo
  • Catriona Sandilands
  • Ella Soper
  • Edie Steiner
  • Peter Timmerman
  • Rita Wong

Di Battista, Amanda and Andrew Mark, “Poetic Nature(s): Literature and Politics at the Green Words/Green Worlds Conference Part 2” CoHearence. 12 June 2012

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