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Montreal Herald, 17 February 1816

1816-02-17 MH copyAbridged Transcript:
A number of ladies, deeply impressed with the destitute nature of the poor in this place, and solicitous if possible to mitigate their sufferings have formed a society for relieving indigent Women with small Children, the sick, the aged, and the infirm. This association shall be called THE FEMALE BENEVOLENT SOCIETY of MONTREAL. ….


Montreal Herald, 23 March 1816

1816-03-23 MHTranscript:
THE WEATHER – From last Sunday till Thursday, the cold was exceedingly severe. On Monday at ½ past Six, A.M. the Thermometers in the best situations, and best graduated, stood at 13 [?] below Zero. In more exposed situations, one was actually at 17, and another at 21; but these we did not see. It is probably that the average of cold from the 1st to the 20th of this month, was greater than in any 20 days taken together since this winter set in. Such a Such a severity of cold at a time when the Spring sometimes give warning of its approach adds greatly to the expence of fuel; but this is more than balanced by the advantages of good roads, which will enable the farmer to bring the remainder of his winter stock to Market: A severe March does not imply that we are to have a backward Spring. Since yesterday morning the cold has again been very intense.


Montreal Herald, 30 November 1816

1816-11-30 MH copyTranscript:

Report of the Weather during this Month
From the 1st to the 18th, the weather was in general rather wet, but notwithstanding favorable for ploughing, of which labour a great deal has been done this autumn. On the 21st the frost set in pretty severe, which put an end to the pasture for this season. On the 2nd snow fell to the depth of 5 or 6 inches, since which it has been cold. On Tuesday night we had a little more snow. The winter may now be considered as being fairly set in.
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