Journal of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island

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Journal of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island … : [Journal of the House of Assembly of His Majesty’s Island Prince Edward : anno quinquagessimo septimo Regis Georgii III, third session of the ninth General Assembly
Charlotte-Town, : James Bagnall, 1817

3 – Tuesday, July 8th, 1817

…His Excellency was pleased to deliver to both Houses of Assembly a Speech …Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly,
The Season of Scarcity which has lately affected so many Countries, has to a certain degree, extended to this Island, so much so, that a restraint for a limited time became expedient, last Autumn, on the Exportation of certain articles of Provision; it has since been matter of anxious consideration whether it ought not to be continued in the Spring, and it was not without deliberate debate, that I hazarded the experiment of leaving export unrestrained, being desirous of aiding the necessities of the neighboring Colony, and of encouraging the Agriculturist here, if that could be done consistent with prudence. Hitherto no serious evil has been experienced, and the Season is fast approaching, when through the Bounty of Divine Providence, it is to be hoped plenty will return.

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