Digital Infrastructure: Tangible Interfaces

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Collaboratron (Global Hackday, 6 June 2009)

The Global Hackday challenge on 6 June 2009 was to experiment with cheap tangible interfaces. A tangible interface is a system that allows you to manipulate data by handling physical objects. Adam Crymble and Devon Elliott had the idea that a fun way for NiCHE members to locate potential collaborators would be to create a ‘collaboratron.’ The users would choose from a set of blocks representing interests of various sorts (e.g., “archaeology,” “GIS,” “Atlantic Canada”). They could place these blocks on a designated surface, and the computer would respond by showing them other NiCHE members whose interests best matched their own. Users can add or remove blocks to change the output on the screen. A more advanced version might allow the user to give some interests more prominence than others by sliding them across the surface. Learn more about the event here.

You can read more about the project on Devon Elliott’s or Adam Crymble’s Blogs.

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