Forest History: Visual Materials

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Photo History of the Canadian Forest Service in Quebec
This collection spans one hundred years of CFS research in Quebec, showing researchers at work in the field in buildings and research stations from 1900-2000.

Highlights: budworm mitigation techniques, images of laboratories and stations; tool demonstrations.

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Forest History Society (US) Leon J. Kleiner Collection –Sample Images
Many images from a scrapbook compiled by lumberman Leon J. Kleiner (b. 1894), a Polish immigrant to Canada, documenting the history of the lumbering industry in western Canada between 1914 and 1920. Many of the images were used to supplement the text of an oral history interview with Leon’s brother, Moritz “Morris” Kleiner (1889-1985), titled Recollections of Family, Community, and Business: Poland, Canada, and Tacoma, Washington, 1889-1974 (Berkeley, Calif: The Bancroft Library, 1974). Malca Kleiner Chall, the daughter of Morris Kleiner, conducted the interview in 1972.] (Source: Forest History Society)

Highlights: Swanson Bay, BC; Millicent, AB; White Sulphur, BC; western Canada logging camps; pulp and paper milling; lumber.

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