Forest History: Networking Resources

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Australian Forest History Society
While not exclusively Canadian, the work of the Australian Forest History Society may be relevant to researchers of forest history. The Society operates as a friendly network of people interested in the history of Australia’s forests and woodlands. Members come from a wide variety of disciplines, backgrounds and walks of life. It was formed in 1988 and became formally incorporated in the ACT on 27 May 1998.

Forest History Association of Alberta
The Forest History Association of Alberta, founded in 2005, is a non-profit society established to promote and enhance a recognition of the valuable history and importance of forestry in the province. Its objectives include the collection, preservation and presentation of historical materials for sharing and education, and providing opinion and perspectives on forestry past and present. It also connects numerous people who are interested in forest history and those who are working or have worked in forestry, both the government and industry. The FHAA maintains a membership base, a regular newsletter (“Trails and Tales”), and holds an annual general meeting. For more information, contact Bruce Mayer at; or 780-644-4656.

Forest History Association of British Columbia
The FHABC’s interests cover a wide spectrum – from the history of people and machines to the evolution of forest resource management and the associated social and political aspects. The association encourages the collection, preservation, cataloguing, and use of historical material related to the conservation, management, and utilization of the forests of the province. It also publishes a newsletter containing articles, biographies, lists of new literature, book reviews, notices of meetings, and requests for information from researchers. The FHABC was formed in 1982.

Forest History Society–Canadian Branch
Founded in 1946, the Forest History Society (FHS) is a scholarly organization dedicated to exploring and increasing understanding of the relationship of forests and people through time. FHS is an international organization but has helped to preserve forest, conservation, and environmental history in Canada. These efforts occur across their program areas in Library and Archives, Research and Publication, and Education and Outreach. Because environmental history is oftentimes common across borders, this supports and demands an international perspective. The FHS staff have helped many forest history collections safely reach official repositories in Canada. They have published consistently on Canadian forest history and continue to seek articles, books, and other information to publish. They also hope in the near future to open an office in Canada. The FHS staff invites you to assist them in our mission to preserve forest, conservation, and environmental history for the purpose of providing a historical context for environmental decisionmaking now and in the future. Please contact them immediately if you know of a collection of Canadian forest history materials at risk of being lost.

Network in Canadian History & Environment
NiCHE actively supports forest historians and welcomes members interested in a wide range of fields related to environmental history and geography. Membership is free and you can sign up by visiting our registration page. Members can read relevant news as well as post their own for members of the community. NiCHE also provides a number of funding opportunities and workshops throughout the year.

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