View of Mallorca from Santuari de Cura, photo by author
View of Mallorca from Santuari de Cura, photo by author
Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, AB.  Photo by author.
Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, AB. Photo by author.

“North Stars Flieth Here:” On Maps and Humour in Environmental History

In June 1953, Trans Canada Air Lines’s Advertising Department debuted a new in-flight information packet. Available to every passenger on every TCA aircraft, this packet was likely seen by over one […]

Archival Donation: Western Forest Products


The Canadian Forest History Preservation Project is happy to announce a significant corporate BC-based archival donation. Western Forest Products has made an important archival donation to UBC Rare Books and […]

Sustainable Farm Systems in Mallorca

View of Mallorca from Santuari de Cura, photo by author

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series showing the work of the Sustainable Farm Systems project For the last five years, the Sustainable Farm Systems project has explored the socio-ecological transition from […]

ICEHO Survey

ICEHO image 2, 2016

The International Consortium for Environmental History Organizations has just launched a new website at and, to kick off that website,  has launched a survey of the global environmental history community. […]

Returning From Parts Unknown: A report back from a voyage of exploration to the Laurier Archives


When Julia Hendry, Head of Archives and Special Collections at Wilfrid Laurier Archives, described the primary documents I had been perusing for the previous 5 days as “uncharted territory”, the […]

NiCHE New Scholars Year End

Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, AB.  Photo by author.

The NiCHE New Scholars Committee has finished the 2015/2016 year as we enter the summer and participants get busy with conferences and research trips.  Over the past year the New […]

#EnvHist Worth Reading: June 2016

On The Beach At Trouville by Claude Monet; Source: WikiArt

Every month I carefully track the most popular and significant environmental history articles, videos, audio, and other items making their way through the online environmental history (#envhist) community. You can […]

The Nature of Confederation

Otto Reinhold Jacobi, "Canadian Fall" (1870). Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nature mattered to Confederation.[1] In the minds of many of the legislators from the Province of Canada in 1865, the union of the colonies of British North America was providential […]

Review of Kennedy, Something of a Peasant Paradise?

Kennedy feature image2

Reviewed by Katie Cottreau-Robins Gregory M.W. Kennedy, Something of a Peasant Paradise?: Comparing Rural Societies in Acadie and the Loudunais, 1604-1755. Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press, 2014. 288 pp. ISBN987-0-7735-4343-0. As […]

Hot Summer Photo Contest: Travel, Tourism, and the Environment

Rogers Pass, Albert Canyon, CPR, colour, 1920s?

NiCHE is holding a Summer 2016 photo contest on the theme of “Travel, Tourism, and the Environment.” The theme is timely, for summer is when environmental historians take to the […]

Ontario Historical Society Presents Two Awards for Environmental Histories

At their June 2016 Annual General Meeting, the Ontario Historical Society presented two awards for environmental histories of Ontario. Owen Temby and Ryan O’Connor received the 2015 Riddell Award recognizing […]

Northeast & Atlantic Canada Environmental History Forum

J.N. Bellin, Carte du Golphe de St-Laurent et Pays Voisins (1760, Wikimedia Commons)

The presence of your company is requested at the 5th annual Northeast & Atlantic Canada Environmental History Forum, to be held August 12-13, 2016 in Halifax. Graciously hosted by the Gorsebrook Institute […]