Arpents Environmental History Workshop

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Event Date:  Dec 14 2013 – Dec 15 2013
Event Website:  Event Webpage
City:  Kingston ON
Country:  Canada
Primary Contact Name:  Darcy Ingram
Contact Email:
View of Frontenac or Cataracoui in 1759. Watercolour. Source: Wikipedia.
View of Frontenac or Cataracoui in 1759. Watercolour. Source: Wikipedia.

The next Quelques arpents de neige environmental history workshop takes place at the Kingston Yacht Club in Kingston, Ontario, on 14-15 December 2013. This year marks Arpents’ tenth year of operations, and as a result we are extending the workshop’s format slightly in order to accommodate a larger and varied round of participants and topics. Speakers include Colin Duncan (Queen’s University and McGill University); Alan MacEachern (Western University); Jean Manore (Bishop’s University); Daniel Macfarlane (Carleton University); John Rose (Queen’s University); Christabelle Sethna (University of Ottawa); Sean Kheraj (York University); Jonathan McQuarrie (University of Toronto); Joanna Dean (Carleton University); Claire Cookson-Hills (Pump House Steam Museum, Kingston); and Darcy Ingram (University of Ottawa)

For more details contact Darcy Ingram:

Click here for the printable program Arpents December 2013 Printable Programme



11:30-13:00 Lunch


13:00-14:00 Looking Ahead: the Future of Environmental History in Canada

What’s Next? The State of the NiCHE, & of Canadian Environmental History, in a World Without Clusters

Alan MacEachern, University of Western Ontario


14:30-15:30 Works in Progress

Turning Over New Leaves: Discovering Missed Connections in Historical Geography

John Rose, Queen’s University

River or Resource?  Redefining the Nile in late Nineteenth-century Egypt.

Claire Cookson-Hills, Historical Researcher, Pump House Steam Museum, Kingston ON


16:00-17:00 Works in Progress

The Pen, the Canoe, the Survey: Technologies of Environmental Colonization

Jean Manore, Bishop’s University

Creating Tobacco Tradition: Intersections between Aboriginal and Commercial Tobacco Farming

Jonathan McQuarrie, University of Toronto


17:00 Refreshments in the Yacht Club Pub

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Big Books

On the Question of Focus in Really Long-term Environmental History

Colin Duncan, Queen’s University and McGill University

20:30 Return to the Yacht Club Pub



9:00-10:30 Group Projects – Animals in Canadian History

Canamalis Urbanis: the Urban Canada Human-Animal History Project

Christabelle Sethna, University of Ottawa

Joanna Dean, Carleton University

Darcy Ingram, University of Ottawa


11:00-12:15 Group Projects – Looking Out on the Great Lakes: Environmental History in a Borderland 

The Accidental Reef:  Underwater Encounters in a Great Lakes Watershed

Lynne Heasley, Western Michigan University

On the Level: A History of Controlling and Understanding Great Lakes Water Levels.

Daniel Macfarlane, Carleton University


12:15 Last Words



There is no registration process or fee for this event, and participants are provided with a light lunch as well as dinner on Saturday, and snacks throughout. We do, however, ask that you RSVP by 6 December in order that we can plan around numbers. If you plan to attend, or if you think you might come, you miss the deadline, or your plans change and you decide at the last minute to attend, contact Elizabeth Jewett: (no need to RSVP if your name is on the programme).

NEW! In light of this being Arpents’ tenth year of operations, we are instituting a new feature: the Arpents Book Corner. To this end, we ask that all participants bring a copy of any books and/or articles they have published in the past two years. These will be placed on a table during the workshop for participants to peruse and, if you bring extra copies, to exchange. In fact, given that this is the first Arpents Book Corner, feel free to bring anything you have recently published that might interest environmental historians (brief written descriptions of other recent / ongoing projects – a website, for example – are also welcome). Upon arrival at the Kingston Yacht Club, pass these materials on to Dan Rueck.

For more details contact Darcy Ingram:

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